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Hardware application in Raspberry PI

i was in Depok yesterday , and suddenly thought about “how to control a hardware component by using PI”, because i used to control hardware device such as LED’S (Light emitting Diode) , Switches, censors, servos, and many more with microcontroller. maybe, i could do same thing by PI, then i searched for article last night , and i got brief tutorial. in this section, i would like to discuss hardware application and how to turn on / off your LED by using python script in Raspberry PI. this is interesting enough. here lists of my raw materials (depend on you) :

  • PI , of course
  • LED
  • Resistor , 1 x 330 ohm
  • Electronic Board or you can use breadboard
  • Cable usually called jumper to connect electronic component to others.
  • Coffee ( to enjoy step by step)

step by step :

  • create electronic circuit like this and connect it to your PI. please be carefull to make this circuit, i suggest you to use breadboard.


  • create file ‘’ :

import os; #import os to use 'system' function
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO #GPIO module to access your GPIO Port in PI
import time

GPIO.setup(3, GPIO.OUT); # 3 : port GPIO3 set as output
os.system("clear"); #clear screen
status = True; #boolean status as flag true or false, but set true first
while(status): #while status true then loop
 print "1. Nyalakan Lampu"
 print "2. Matikan Lampu"
 print "3. Kedap Kedip"
 print "0. Keluar"
 pil = raw_input( "Pilihan Anda : ") #store user input to pil variable
  print "Lampu Dinyalakan";
  print "Lampu Dimatikan";
  GPIO.output(3, True);
  for i in range(1,10):
   GPIO.output(3, False);
   GPIO.output(3, True);
  print "Terima kasih";
  status = False;
  print "GAGAL";
 raw_input("Press any button");

  • Test your PI, execute it , type sudo python .

IMG_0781When you choose ‘2’

IMG_0778when you choose ‘1’

  • After learn about fundamental of hardware of PI, it leads you into combination of hardware and software. you can put servos, censor , switch and other technique. hopefully ๐Ÿ™‚

Sophisticated Technology

never imagined before. . i am a computer science warrior . :)) . graduate from vocational school, continue to Diploma, now study at bachelor degree of Information system. yes. i like computer science, i like programming language, “Java” and “PERL” is my Favorite language. why use PERL ? because i had read article from Mr.Budi Rahardjo who wrote article about PERL programming language. he describe why he use PERL, etc. immediately i try to use PERL.. after try many function in PERL, i moved to Java. why Java ? because my friend Frizal, taught me Java. he had taught the fundamental of Java, until i can teach in laboratory.

because i like Java very much, i have a hope, to buy some books about Java, not only in Indonesia but also in foreign country. i have bought many books abroad, like at Madinah , Singapore and Malaysia. . here all of my foreign books with English subtitle. now, i must have collect some money to go abroad, buy some books . realize it!.


i believe , 3 years later or maybe a decade. computer science field still become most wanted major ever found in the world. it will overlap Doctor . believe that. and , i read a poem . who win in sophisticated technology, he will master in world ๐Ÿ˜›

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posting pertama dalam 2 tahun terakhir

tidak terasa sejak tahun 2012 lalu bulan oktober terakhir kali saya posting, ini adalah posting pertama. terima kasih atas banyaknya komentar yang tidak dapat saya balas semua. untuk resolusi 2014 ini saya berencana untuk meningkatkan jumlah postingan saya. terutama mengenai teknologi informasi. mudah-mudahan akan bermanfaat untuk rekan – rekan yang membutuhkan. saya tidak keberatan dengan banyaknya ‘plagiarisme’ tulisan saya, karena saya yakin ilmu itu ada balasannya dari Allah.swt . selamat membaca

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Fitur Baru di

Baru!!! midhigh solution tersedia fitur ARSIP DIGITAL

Arsip digital midhighsolution merupakan teknologi terkini dari midhighsolution startup, dimana setiap arsip โ€“ arsip kantor dan inventaris dapat di digitalisasi sehingga mudah dicari , dikelola dan diupdate setiap saat melalui berbagai platform.

Arsip โ€“ arsip kantor anda yang dapat dibuat menjadi digital diantaranya :

  • Dokument โ€“ dokument lembaran
  • Dokument berbentuk CD / DVD
  • Dokument lainnya

Arsip / dokument tersebut dapat dibuat menjadi format PDF dan dapat diakses kapan saja melalui media Website (online) ataupun Mobile Application(Android, WindowsPhone, Iphone, Blackberry, J2ME, Nokia Webapps dll) dengan aman (secure)

Beberapa fasilitas yang ada pada arsip digital midhighsolution diantaranya :

  • Semua dokument / arsip berbentuk digital (PDF)
  • Tampilan / Desain yang elegan sesuai permintaan client
  • Support Data hingga 1 GB PDF
  • Dapat diakses melalui berbagai media (web dan mobile phone)
  • Mobile phone support : windows phone, android, i-phone, Blackberry, j2ME (tergantung pesanan)
  • Menu pencarian data
  • Menu pengelompokan data sesuai perminataan client

Untuk pemesanan hubungi :

Email :

sms / telp : 08562027962

pin bb : 27315C98

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Story about my hometown

Soreang is a small city which location is in south capital of west java province, Bandung. In soreang, many sights available. For example kawah putih, situ patenggang lake, cimanggu spring water, ciwidey hills, and many more, you can find at soreang. Soreang is one of small city that implements electronic identity card (E-KTP) at 2012, has airport sulaeman, and many technology recently. Soreang is passed by citarum river. if the football event held in jalak harupat stadium (one of biggest stadium in Indonesia), it will make traffic jam, because of bobotoh(the name of supporter) in Bandung/soreang pass soreang street.inspite of my house almost far from soreang, but itโ€™s include in soreang, and I am proud to take a part in soreang community as a students my obligation is introduce Soreang to another people in the world include to students in Seamolec.

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Edit Data Database dengan CodeIgniter

August 5, 2012 2 comments

Setelah pada materi sebelumnya belajar seputar insert, delete dan update, sekarang saatnya kita belajar Edit Data Database dengan Framework CodeIgniter.Untuk sintak edit disini kita hanya perlu mengubah sedikit sintak insert Data. Berikut cuplikannya :


Tambahkan method berikut :

public function edit($id="")
if ($this->form_validation->run() == FALSE)
$a = $this->input->post('title');
$b = $this->input->post('content');


Berikut model dalam database :

public function edit($id,$title,$content)
$q="update news set title='$title',content='$content' where id='$id'";
return $this->db->query($q);ย  //db->query() merupakan pengambilan query


<?php echo validation_errors(); ?>
<?php echo form_open(); ?>
<input type="text" name="title" value="<?php echo set_value('title');?>" size="50" />
<textarea name="content" cols="50" value="<?php echo set_value('content');?>"></textarea>
<div><input type="submit" value="Submit" /></div>

Ujian PJJ

Hari ini Jumat 3 Agustus 2012 kami melaksanakan Ujian pendidikan jarak jauh(PJJ) dengan dosen bapak timbul.. soal soal ujian yang merupakan latihan sehari-hari yang biasa kami lakukan membuat saya dapat cukup mudah menjawab semua pertanyaan-pertanyaan. Berikut merupakan jawaban dari Ujian PJJ :

  1. Terdapat 2 model pembelajaran pendidikan tatap muka dan pendidikan jarak jauh, untuk perbedaanya dari kedua model tersebut dari segi pengajar, peserta dan bahan ajar adalah sebagai berikut :
  2. Read more…
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