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Sophisticated Technology

never imagined before. . i am a computer science warrior . :)) . graduate from vocational school, continue to Diploma, now study at bachelor degree of Information system. yes. i like computer science, i like programming language, “Java” and “PERL” is my Favorite language. why use PERL ? because i had read article from Mr.Budi Rahardjo who wrote article about PERL programming language. he describe why he use PERL, etc. immediately i try to use PERL.. after try many function in PERL, i moved to Java. why Java ? because my friend Frizal, taught me Java. he had taught the fundamental of Java, until i can teach in laboratory.

because i like Java very much, i have a hope, to buy some books about Java, not only in Indonesia but also in foreign country. i have bought many books abroad, like at Madinah , Singapore and Malaysia. . here all of my foreign books with English subtitle. now, i must have collect some money to go abroad, buy some books . realize it!.


i believe , 3 years later or maybe a decade. computer science field still become most wanted major ever found in the world. it will overlap Doctor . believe that. and , i read a poem . who win in sophisticated technology, he will master in world 😛

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