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Interpreter languange using python

Last week, i studied algorithm and basic programming with mrs.massayu as my lecturer.. she taught us, detail of algorithm concept, programming fundamental, thinking pattern, solve program, solve problem in program, and many more. i was thinking about my study in my latest campus.. if i had had a lecture like mrs massayu, i would have got a wrong way to finish and solve algorithm and progamming.. inspite of one times , she is my influence and inspire all of students.. ok lets begin

because of my occupation right now is study particulary in algorithm and programming using python, so i decided to learn about python programming language. i think its simple.

Python is interpreter programming languange. or sometimes we call it ‘scripting program’.

Download this software in this link


In that figure, we know ‘print’ is a command to make our text appear in screen








in above figure, we can explain that variable declare is without type of data, such as ‘int’ or ‘double’ , etc. only use name of variable and then you can print your variable

Looping using While







What is the differences of statement1 and statement2? first statment, print located linear with while, so the output will print 1 until 10 , but in statement 2, print located in the left so the result is only 10 will printed in the screen. this is the resul










Same with another programming languange which inspired by C languange, python using this format to select a conditional







for instance :

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