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Lesson 1 – Basic Java (Starting,Control,looping)

i was in seamolec at open university yesterday.. i learned about java basic from my teacher ‘Mr Abdul Rizal’, he gave me a lesson and taught about how to create a program using java language such as variable declare, operator, create accelerator key, etc..
let’s begin our lesson :
Why we use java programming language? Because, there are many advantages if we use java than other programming language.. we can use OOP (Objetc oriented Programming) it’s help us to create a program with short mode.
the characteristic of OOP :
1. have two class or higher. every two class or higher are created by user called OOP
2. inherittance for instance extends and implements . we can use inherittance as child class, and
3. Instance. is a process that change class into objects
4. Polymorphisme. is many morph in one same title method

for instance, we will discuss about multiple class :

class Bike
public void stang()
System.out.println(“My Name is Octav”);
public class Car
public static void main(String[] args)
Bike bike = new Bike();

notice :
we have two class, Main class is Car and in class car, we use create an objects ‘bike’ from class Bike.
so it’s called ‘instance’.

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