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Human Computer Interaction

This Article created by author from mr.Doy Hardoyo, M.Kom in course ‘Interface’. thanks for my favourite lecturer

Human Computer Interface (HCI)is a method that created to connect between human and machine.Starting communication efficient with system for example :

  • Human-machine
  • Machine-Machine
  • Software-Software

Computer Match

-Computer Match include as many as possible

-Computer seeing what we enter and displayed

Virtual Reality

Something moment in abstract but the result is virtual. example : photo

‘we take a photo, in real world and the result is image and contain virtual reality’

..the application program will join many interface for make display, voice, touch and move in 3D

..the interaction can do with us with using special tools for example : 3D Glasses, gloves, voice system and computer monitor

Relation of Machine and Human

for example : making matic motorcycle technology  to adjust interface that can use by another device like as another motorcycle

We must notice for making a new interface from old interface like as :

– Physical Environment

– User Experience

Requirement :

– Security, command can work without any dangerous

– Efficient, can work with quick system

– Effective, can work with another system

– Comfortable, user comfort to do

HCI currently use in many fields, like as robotic, software, IT.

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