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Build Your Android Webkit

i dont’ have any idea to learn CI and Jquey anymore, so i decided to make an articles. the title is “make your own web in android platform”.

By use webkit, you can do :

* Put your html + Javascript + Ajax in your script

* Redirect to Server side (PHP and ASP) by using Ajax

* Redirect to Spesifict URL

* Etc

1. HTML + Javascript on your Android Device

This is sample of our project

it’s not form that is created by android java. but , it is created by html form. there are layout and  java that we use it


we call web interface inner class webkitactivity, so we can use structure method or konstanta that defined in web interface

we use ‘webview’ to show our html or js script. please use : object.loadData(‘your html script’,’type text/html/js’,’Standard Format ISO’).

for example : wv.loadData(script,”text/html”,”UTF-8″);


we use Interface you can learn about interface by click this .give name ‘web’ and in class main, we can find implements web . so we use interface ‘web’

to put our static final (konstanta) name = script

2. Redirect to spesific URL . we use http://tavgreen.com/indonesianfood/lihat.html

*Add this script to file android.manifest.xml :

<uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.INTERNET”/>

with use that script, we can connect to Internet.


we must change loadData method, so we can load URL from internet Directly

Result :

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